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The Different Types of Olives

Olives are a popular ingredient in many cuisines and are also used for producing olive oil. There are hundreds of different types of olives, each with its unique flavor, texture, and oil content. Two popular types of olives are Mission and Arbequina.

Mission olives are medium-sized, oval-shaped fruit usually harvested when they are still green. They taste slightly bitter and are often used for pickling or as a garnish. Mission olives are also known for their high oil content, making them a good choice for olive oil production.

Arbequina olives are much smaller than Mission olives, with a rounded shape and a delicate flavor. They are usually harvested when ripe, resulting in a sweeter, nuttier taste. Arbequina olives are famous for salads and as a snack and are also used for producing high-quality olive oil.

Regarding olive oil production, Arbequina olives are known for producing a mild, fruity oil with a light and delicate flavor. This makes it a popular choice for dressings, dips, and marinades. On the other hand, Mission olives produce a more robust, aromatic oil with a stronger flavor, making it ideal for cooking or adding flavor to dishes.

In terms of growing conditions, Mission olives are well-suited to California's warm and dry climate, while Arbequina olives are better suited to the Mediterranean region. Both olives are relatively easy to grow but have different requirements regarding soil quality, water, and pruning.

In conclusion, Mission and Arbequina olives are both popular and versatile types used for different purposes. While Mission olives are better suited for pickling and olive oil production, Arbequina olives are a good choice for salads and producing mild, fruity olive oil.


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